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I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Jim & Jesse

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About this video:

Jim & Jesse - 1976 - I Wonder Where You Are Tonight.

About the artists

Jim McReynolds- Born February 13, 1927
Jesse McReynolds - Born July 9, 1929

Jim & Jesse McReynolds began professionally on radio station WNVA, Norton,
Virginia, in 1947-48.

Later organizing as "Jim & Jesse and The Virginia Boys," the unit recorded
prolifically for several major record labels and made numerous syndicated
television appearances, becoming a member of WSM's Grand Ole Opry in 1964.

Chart records such as "Air Mail Special," their self-penned "Diesel Train" and
"Cotton Mill Man" were among career milestones that defined the group's style.

With Jesse usually singing lead and Jim tenor and backed by some of the finest
musicians in bluegrass, they set standards of excellence--vocally and
instrumentally--that are difficult to equal. The "cross picking" mandolin playing
introduced by Jesse became a trademark of the band that is also noted for Jim's
metronome-like guitar rhythm.

From humble beginnings in their Clinch Mountains birthplace near Coeburn,
Virginia, "Jim & Jesse" soon became one of bluegrass music's most popular and
successful artists in an enduring and prestigious career