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Alabama Jubilee
Missy Raines & Jim Hurst

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About the video

Award winning Duo Missy Raines and Guitarist Jim Hurst perform at Steve
Kaufman's Accoustic Kamp 2006. Simply fun!

About the artists

Missy Raines is a beloved figure in bluegrass and a pioneering force in acoustic
music. One of the most decorated instrumentalists in bluegrass, Raines has
been recognized by the International Bluegrass Music Association as the best
bassist in the genre more than any player to date.

Known for her ability to seamlessly fuse bluegrass virtuosity and jazz-tinged licks
with a songdriven sensibility, Missy Raines’ bass has yet to meet a genre it can’t
groove with. Redefining the role of the female bandleader, Raines is currently
fronting The New Hip - a group of fearless, gifted players who have the chops to
travel the challenging territory Raines has mapped out like it's a walk in the park.

Raines’ groundbreaking, adventurous musical career as one of the pre-eminent
female bass players began with an unexpected surprise from her father. “My
father had been playing a washtub that he’d made himself and then decided
impulsively (without consulting my mother) to buy a bass. I was already playing
the piano and guitar by then, but when you’re ten or eleven years old and there
is a new instrument in the house…well, I couldn’t stay away from it. That’s the
bass I still have and play today.”

Growing up in West Virginia, Raines was well placed to join her family in their
favorite summer pastime of attending music festivals, which migrated to home
picking parties in the winter. Her parents thought nothing of traveling 2-3 hours
to go to a jam, and it was at these events that Raines cut her musical teeth.

Professionally, Raines has lent her skills to a variety of projects that have
capitalized on her varied interests. She launched her career with experimental
bluegrass outfit Cloud Valley and toured with Eddie and Martha Adcock before
joining up with The Masters (Adcock, Kenny Baker, Josh Graves and Jesse

Raines toured and recorded with Claire Lynch's Front Porch String Band from
1995-2000 and again from 2005-2008, along the way developing a successful
duo with band mate Jim Hurst. A stint with the Brother Boys opened Raines' eyes
to the value of musical spontaneity.