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Run Rufus Run
Dale Ann Bradley

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About this video:

The song is a true story of Dale Ann's cousin, Rufus. Dale Ann Bradley
performing "Run Rufus Run" at Music City Roots live from the Loveless Cafe on

About the artist

Dale Ann Bradley was born and raised in the mountains of Pineville, KY. Her
father was a coal miner and primitive Baptist Minister whose church had no
musical instrumentation in their worship service. The congregation sang from a
book called the Gobble Hymnal that shows no musical staffs or notes. Without
question it was in those numerous worship services she developed her
incredible ear for tone and pitch.

She began performing publicly at the age of fourteen in a trio with her high
school band director and his wife. They performed at Pine Mountain State Park
during the summers. This led to her joining her first bluegrass band, Back Porch

They gained popularity in Southeastern Kentucky and East Tennessee and in
1984 ended up in the finals of The Marlboro Country Music Roundup. It was
there she heard another bluegrass band that would eventually become part of
her musical history, The New Coon Creek Girls.