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Herschel Sizemore

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About the video

Herschel Sizemore plays his tune Rebecca on Reno's Old Time Music Fest. With
Don Wayne Reno on banjo and Dale Reno on guitar.

About the artist

Although "Sizeless" would be a more fitting name for a man picking on one of the
world's smallest stringed instruments, Herschel Sizemore didn't get to pick out
either of his names, like most of us. When he was eight years old, his parents
took him to see Bill Monroe perform at the Grand Ole Opry, and Sizemore has
recalled in interviews "that was it!" He had no interest other than bluegrass and
mandolin after that. Perhaps starting so young was what gave Sizemore the
edge over many of his mandolin playing peers in terms of coming up with their
own styles. The mandolin playing of Bill Monroe so totally dominated the
bluegrass world that it took a rare talent to come up with an alternative to that
playing style. And that man, as the mandolin historians like to point out, was
Herschel Sizemore. The mandolinist's career consists of two sections. In the first
30 years of his professional career he worked diligently and without stop in a
series of different bands, many of them considered classic bluegrass outfits.
Then he took a break from musical activity, returning for phase two in the early
'90s, his career then dominated with a solid attempt to establish himself as a
bandleader and present his own compositions. He formed the Herschel Sizemore
Band in 1995 and has since released two compact discs under his own name.

Herschel has performed and recorded with some of bluegrass music's finest
people during his career as a musician. Just to name a few; Jimmy Martin, Del
McCoury, Vassar Clements, Bill Monroe, Allen Bibey, Curly Seckler, The Dixie
Gentlemen, and The Bluegrass Cardinals. In performing with so many fine
musicians through the years, Herschel has honed his considerable talent at
song writing.
His finely tuned sense of style has produced incredible songs that are heard at
jam sessions, concert performances, festivals and conventions all over the world.