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Let Me Fall
The Boxcars

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About the video

The Boxcars at the Cumberland Caverns, Tennessee during the Bluegrass
Underground on August 21, 2010. Adam Steffey, mandolin, vocals; Ron Stewart,
banjo, fiddle, vocals; John R. Bowman, fiddle, guitar, banjo; JKeith Garrett, guitar
vocals; Harold Nixon, bass.

About the artists

Adam Steffey, Ron Stewart, John R. Bowman, Keith Garrett and Harold Nixon
make up the new group "The Boxcars."

With collective stints with Alison Krauss & Union Station (Adam Steffey, John
Bowman), J.D. Crowe & The New South (Ron Stewart, John Bowman, Harold
Nixon), Blue Moon Rising (Keith Garrett and Harold Nixon), The Isaacs (John
Bowman) and most recently The Dan Tyminski Band (Steffey and Stewart), this
quintet starts out with an impressive rap sheet. Steffey's newly realease project
on Sugar Hill, One More For The Road is a receiving a great deal of airplay and
attention and features guest appearances by Krauss, Ronnie Bowman and

Expect The Boxcars to cover this material and branch out into their own unique
style of contemporary bluegrass laced with Steffey's signature rhythm that can
be traced back to the early days of Union Station. Award winning instrumentalist
Ron Stewart will deliver rock solid banjo work, but will also lay down the banjo for
the fiddle on some tunes.

It's always a rarity to have multiple strong vocalists in the same group, and The
Boxcars will benefit from strong vocal performances from Keith Garrett, John
Bowman and Steffey's signature baritone.