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Gentle On My Mind
John Hartford

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About the video:

John Hartford performs "Gentle On My Mind", surrounded by a "Who's Who" in
bluegrass music. See how many you can identify in the crowd.

About the artist

John Hartford remains best known for the country-pop standard "Gentle on My
Mind," a major hit for Glen Campbell and subsequently covered by vocalists
ranging from Frank Sinatra to Aretha Franklin. The song remains among the
most often recorded in the history of popular music, its copyright netting Hartford
well over a hundred thousand dollars annually for many years. But there was
more to Hartford than that curious mix of highly literary folk music and MOR
romantic nostalgia, told from the perspective of a homeless man remembering
days of perfect love. Hartford was a multi-talented old-time musician, a riverboat
captain, a satirical songwriter, a one-man showman of exceptional talents, and
one of the founders of both progressive country music and old-time string music
revivalism. .