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Reuben's Train
Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers

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About the video

April 23, 2011 in Lucketts, VA. Joe Mullins on banjo, Mike Terry on mandolin,
Adam McIntosh on guitar, Evan McGregor on fiddle, Tim Kidd on bass.

About the artists

These days you never know if the ringing in Joe Mullins’ ears is that of his banjo
or a phone call requesting a performance by his new band, the Radio Ramblers.  
Mullins owns and operates Classic Country Radio, a network of three southwest
Ohio radio stations featuring Classic Country, Bluegrass and Gospel music.  

The Radio Ramblers, a collaboration of veteran Bluegrass musicians who have
worked with one another during former musical endeavors, formed in 2006 for
the primary purpose of performing at Classic Country Radio promotions.  
However, due to the level of their professionalism and talent, the requests for
performances by the Radio Ramblers has grown, thus expanding their schedule
to include shows at area music venues, benefits, and festivals.  

It cannot be left unacknowledged that camaraderie and inherent passion for
Bluegrass music within this band has had a profound impact on the quality of
their stage presence and ultimate demand.  The Radio Ramblers have become
a welcomed addition to the southwest Ohio Bluegrass music scene.