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If You Don't Believe The Bible
Darrell Webb Band

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About the video

Darrell Webb Band performed "If You Don't Believe The Bible" at the 2010 AFBA
Bluegrass Festival, Wind Gap, PA

About the artist

For years Darrell Webb has wowed audiences with his stellar vocals and
lightning fast instrumental compositions.

The 36-year-old West Virginia native started playing mandolin when he was 8
and soon picked up banjo and guitar as well.  When he was 19, Webb joined the
Lonesome River Band, replacing Dan Tyminski. Two years later, he was in J.D.
Crowe’s New South. Since then, Webb has played guitar in Rhonda Vincent’s
Rage and, in 2008, he became lead vocalist and guitarist in Michael Cleveland’s
Flamekeeper band.

As the leader of his own band he has shed the skins of traditional standards and
fused elements of his many favorite genres to produce music that really has yet
to be defined.

The Darrell Webb Band is best described as a grouping of highly energetic
masterful musicians that rebel against any one standard of musical definition.
Their unique use of nearly invisible wireless microphones allows the band to not
only own the stage but over-take it completely. Their act is jam packed with such
intensity crowds are left wanting more every night. You haven't seen live music
until you have seen the Darrell Webb Band live.

The Darrell Webb Band’s first album, Bloodline, was released in June 2010 by
Rural Rhythm Records. The recording features songs written by Larry Cordle
and Connie Smith, among others, and Adam Steffey contributed the liner notes.