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The Rebel Girl
Hazel Dickens

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About the video

Hazel Dickens performs "The Rebel Girl".   Recorded in 1990.

Hazel Dickens - vocals and guitar
Dudley Connell - guitar
Tom Adams - banjo
Marshall Wilborn - bass
David McLaughlin - mandolin & fiddle

"Born in 1935 in Mercer County, West Virginia, Hazel Dickens was one of 11
children raised in a poverty-stricken coal mining community. She experienced
economic hardship, the bitter struggles associated with the life of coal miners,
and the sexist treatment of women, all before she was out of her teens. At age
19, she moved to Maryland where she and some of her siblings became factory
workers, and saw the need for labor unions firsthand.

From the late 1950s, Hazel was playing bass and guitar with the likes of Mike
Seeger, Alice Gerrard, David Grisman, Ralph Rinzler, John Herald, Lamar Grier,
and Bob Yellin. She formed a popular duo with Alice Gerrard in the 1960s and

The song 'The Rebel Girl' was written by labor songwriter Joe Hill (1879-1915)
and was adapted by Dickens for the soundtrack of the film 'With Banners and
Babies'." - Jeff Place