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Cold Sheets Of Rain
Virginia Squires

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About the video

Virginia Squires
Best of Virginia Squires
REB - CD - 1125

"In the mid-80's, the Virginia Squires were happening. They were young and
exciting, they looked good, and they played their butts off. Rickie Simpkins and
Sammy Shelor made their mark as players to watch while they were in that band.
As a group, the Squires paved the way for current bands like Blue Highway, The
Lonesome River Band, and Union Station." - Tim O'Brien

From 1985-1988, the Virginia Squires recorded four albums for Rebel from
which this, The Best of the Virginia Squires, is taken.

"The Virginia Squires were the "Young Guns" of bluegrass music, The best of
their kind, it's notable that they have all gone on to great individual success." -

"With a name like the Virginia Squires, you's BETTER be good! Believe it or not,
these guys didn't invent contemporary bluegrass when they came along back in
the 1980s: it just SOUNDS like they did." - LANCE LeROY

"Few groups have had the impact on the direction that bluegrass music has
taken more than the Virginia Squires. This band was leading the way into the
bluegrass future." - PETE V. KUYKENDALL

"The Virginia Squires, individually and collectively, are one of the most talented
four piece bands to ever grace a stage." - TERRY LEASE

Rickie Simpkins - fiddle, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Ronnie Simpkins - bass, vocals
Sammy Shelor - banjo, vocals
Mark Newton - guitar, vocals