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I Can Tell You The Time
Johnson Mountain Boys

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About the video

The Johnson Mountain Boys performing "I Can Tell You The Time"

About the artists

During the 1980s, the Johnson Mountain Boys were contemporary masters of
traditional bluegrass music who remained faithful to the old styles while keeping
the songs fresh and original. The band was founded in the suburbs of
Washington, D.C., by vocalist/banjoist/guitarist Dudley Connell, banjoist Richie
Underwood, mandolinist David McLaughlin, fiddler Eddie Stubbs, and Larry
Robbins on bass. The personnel changed over the years, but the group's sound
remained consistent. The Johnson Mountain Boys made their recording debut
with a single in late 1978; an EP soon followed and helped build a loyal audience
in the D.C. area. They became festival favorites after the release of their
self-titled debut. Their second album, Walls of Time, came out in 1982 and
featured Connell, McLaughlin, Stubbs, and vocalist/banjoist Tom Adams. The
same lineup recorded four more albums for Rounder during the early '80s. In
1986 Robbins departed and was replaced by Marshall Wilborn; Underwood left
soon after, to be officially replaced by the mandolinist Adams. In 1988, the
Johnson Mountain Boys announced that they planned to retire after a farewell
concert in Lucketts, VA. Two years later, the Boys reunited briefly to play two
festivals. But the reunions were so successful that the band basically
reconstituted itself. The Blue Diamond LP appeared in 1993, followed by a live
recording. By 1997's Working Close, Underwood had returned to the fold. ~
Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide