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Can't Stop Now
New Grass Revival

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About the video

The super group New Grass Revival (Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, John Cowan, Pat
Flynn) performs "Can't Stop Now" on a television program in the 1980s.
Awesome pickin'! Recorded in the 1980s.

About the artist

New Grass Revival, formed in 1972 by four former members of the Bluegrass
Alliance, flourished in a decade when numerous groups took traditional
bluegrass and changed it to varying degrees. The group was successful enough
to have the group's name become a generic label: "newgrass." The band's
image, with long hair and occasionally electrified instruments, as well as its
musical material contrasted greatly with standard (traditional) bluegrass like that
played by Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, the Lilly Brothers, and Lester Flatt's band.
In terms of longevity, popularity, and exposure, the Revival, with its hip
reputation, was perhaps the most successful in competition against II
Generation, Seldom Scene, the Country Gentlemen, and others.