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About the video

Grasstowne performs the Bobby Osborne tune "Sure-Fire" at the 2008 MBOTMA
Summer Festival.

About the artists

Grasstowne is a band comprised of three very well respected veterans in
bluegrass and acoustic music.  Phil Leadbetter and Steve Gulley have known
each other since the mid-1970s when they performed in local bands in the
Knoxville, TN area while in their teens.  It was during this time through their
friendship their paths crossed with mandolin ace Alan Bibey.  

Well, here we are 30 years later and we find all three men as partners in the
acoustic band Grasstowne!  

Add to the mix two young and very talented players; Jason Davis on banjo,
Travis Greer on upright bass, and we have the hottest band on tour today!!