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Old Time Medley
Nefesh Mountain

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About the video

A three song medley with one of our favorite old-time spirituals- "Down To The
River To Pray" and two of our own compositions about gratitude and celebrating
life- "Modeh Ani" and "Hallelujah".   Thanks to Jeff Carpenter from Readylight
Media in Nashville TN who dropped in on us in the Northeast to help us shoot the

About the artists

Nefesh Mountain are the pioneers of a new sound where Jewish Sprit and Soul
meet with Bluegrass and Old-time musical traditions. Founders, husband and
wife team Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff, blend their love for both of these rich
traditions and have created new genre that marries these two seemingly
disparate worlds. Since the recent release of their Debut album with bluegrass
greats Sam Bush, Mark Schatz, Scott Vestal, Rob Ickes, and Gary Oleyar, they
are winning the hearts of audiences nationwide.

“There is common ground here,” says Lindberg, “for centuries Bluegrass and
Old Time music have been embracing the Old Testament, and through the years
have created a powerful vehicle for spirituality and expression.” The origin of
Bluegrass music itselfbegan as a melting pot, fusing African instruments and
sensibilities, with that of Western Europe and the Scotch/Irish traditions.

Zasloff adds, “Today, Bluegrass music is an outlet for so many cultures and their
own traditions to come through. I can fall in love and connect with Chinese,
African American, or Irish cultures though the music. Likewise, as Jewish
Americans, we want to share our background with the world through the art of