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The Crooked Road

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About the video

Dutch band Stringtime performs "The Crooked Road", at Noardewyn Live.

Band members include:  
Laura ter Beek - Fiddle & Vocals., Hans Kelderhuis - Mandolin & Vocals,
Wouter Pothoven - Guitar, Bert Hilberts - Bass Fiddle & Vocals.and
Jan Pals- 5-string Banjo & Mandolin

About the artists

Stringtime is a bluegrassband from the Netherlands. The band was formed in the
fall of 2010 and focuses on playing bluegrass traditionals and songs that are not
well known but deserve to be heard. The band has played extensively In the
Netherlands, as well as performances in Norway, Germany and Belgium.

In 2016 Stringtime made their first appearance at the European World of
Bluegrass Festival.