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These Troubles
Donna Ulisse

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About the video

Live performance of "These Troubles" by singer/songwriter Donna Ulisse,

About the artist

Donna was born in Hampton, Virginia and surrounded by a musical family. She
made her first appearance singing at the tender age of three when she
wandered onto the stage with a bluegrass band and broke out into "Take This
Hammer". From that moment until now, there has never been any doubt that she
would be creating music. She worked in a local western swing band where she
met and married Rick Stanley being fully indoctrinated into a bluegrass family
when Rick's cousin Ralph Stanley, along with The Clinch Mountain Boys
performed at their wedding reception.

In the 1980's Donna moved to Nashville and stayed busy singing demos for
publishers and writers which brought her to the attention of Atlantic Records
where she was signed and released an album "Trouble At The Door" in 1991.
The album had three single releases and two videos. During this time she
appeared on the network TV show "Hot Country Nights", was a guest on "Hee
Haw", "Nashville Now" and "Crook and Chase".

After a heartbreaking ending on a major label, Donna met Ray and Douglas
Johnson of Hadley Music Group, her current publisher. They recognized her
incredible talent as a singer and wanted to champion her talent. It was
suggested by a major lable head and friend that Donna find her true voice
through writing. With her heart set on writing what she knows, the natural result
of this journey has been the 2007 release of her self penned CD "When I Look
Back". The CD has been warmly received by the bluegrass fans and radio. In
her own words she says, "this is the best music I've ever been involved in. From
the very first count on the very first song I recorded for this CD, we breathed as
one.....melody, lyric, instrumentation and vocally: a perfect marriage. I have
found myself at last!"