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Just A Few Old Memories
Hazel Dickens

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About the video

Hazel Dickens sings "Just A Few Old Memories".

About the artist

Born in June, 1935, and raised in West Virginia, Hazel Dickens grew up the
eighth of 11 children. Her father played banjo, drove trucks, and preached the
gospel in a Baptist church. When she was 19, she moved to Baltimore to make a
living working in factories, and to try to help support her very poor family.
Together with her siblings, she began attending music festivals, where she met
and formed a group with Mike Seeger. She became an instrumental presence in
the local folk and bluegrass scene, playing with several bands in the areas
around Washington, D.C.

She also began working with Seeger's wife Alice Gerrard, with whom she
recorded several early feminist folk songs and old time tunes. Together, they
also toured extensively before splitting in 1973. After, she recorded a number of
albums and contributed her work to several films, including Harlan County USA
and With Babies and Banners.