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Is The Blue Moon Still Shining?
Laurie Lewis

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About the video

Laurie Lewis, Alan O'Bryant, & Sam Bush perform on the American Music Shop.

About the artist

Laurie Lewis (born September 28, 1950 in Long Beach, California), is an
American bluegrass musician. In the mid-1970s, she cofounded the Good Ol'
Persons, an all-female bluegrass band with Kathy Kallick.

In 1979 she founded the Grant Street String Band, also including Beth Weil, Tom
Bekeny, Greg Townsend, and Steve Krause, in which her own songwriting came
to the forefront. In the late '80s, she formed "Laurie Lewis and Grant Street".
Since then, she has recorded solo and duo albums, usually accompanied by
mandolin artist and singer, Tom Rozum.

Nowadays, she often plays under different names with a fairly regular roster of
musicians, calling themselves "Laurie Lewis and her Bluegrass Pals," "the Guest
House Band;" in 2006, she renamed her group "Laurie Lewis and the Right

As a crossover artist, Lewis is comfortable with folk music and some pop music.
She writes her own lyrics as well as composing the music. Her Songbook
contains most of the songs she wrote in the twentieth century, as well as
photographs from her from early life and the early days of her career.