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My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mtns
Dan Paisley & Southern Grass

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About the video

Dan Paisley & Southern Grass, performing "My Home's Across The Blue Ridge

Live at The Big Bear Festival in Zuidlaren (Netherlands) on May 28 2007

About the artists

Dan Paisley and the Southern Grass play powerful, unadorned, and intense
traditional bluegrass. There is no hybrid or genre-bending music here. It is music
borne of the vibrant old time southern fiddle bands, as well as the lonesome
moans of the backwoods mountain blues. The instruments blaze with energy
while the songs reveal a paradoxical, desperate sadness anchoring the music
squarely in the classic bluegrass tradition. Danny Paisley and the Southern
Grass combine those forces with a drive and energy that takes over your
senses. It is music you not only hear, but feel in your gut.