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Justin Moses

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About the video

Justin Moses is the best multi-instrumentalist, period! Am I wrong? From
Everett's Music Barn.

About the artist

Welcome the awe-inspiring Justin Moses Show! This young man from eastern
Tennessee not only picks masterful mandolin, guitar, banjo, fiddle, dobro and
bass, but he also sings lead, tenor and high baritone vocals. Two-thirds of the
cuts on "Dusty Roads" are also Justin Moses compositions. He gets my vote for
"Best all-around in 2006," and his future in bluegrass music is very promising as
both a performer and session musician as competent as a guy like Ronnie
Stewart. "Dusty Roads" is the first solo project for the multi-instrumentalist who
has played with Kentucky Wind, Sierra Hull & Highway 111, and who is now back
with Blue Moon Rising, a band he helped form in 2000. Others featured include
Keith Garrett, Lou Wamp, Steve Gulley, Bryon House, Andy Leftwich, Tim Tipton,
Randy Jones, and Chris West.

Moses excels on his self-penned instrumentals, and all have plenty of fiery
intensity. "Rounding the Bases" is a reel with triplets played on the mandolin that
the piece has Celtic flavorings. On a more emotive note, "Dawn Brings Sunlight"
is a melodic and harmonic excursion with a reflective mood. Tone, timing, and
technique are all evident on the album. "Impact" makes just that, in a big time
way, as Justin romps through dobro, banjo, and mandolin breaks. Randy Jones
gives us a hustling guitar break. At times, the bass feels like it could have been
equalized with a little more high end and clarity of notes. Justin's lead vocals are
featured on "One More Hill" and "He'll Be with You," complemented by Steve
Gulley (Mountain Heart) on soaring tenor vocals. Keith Garrett sings lead on
"Heart of Alabama" and "Dig A Hole," the former a tenderly-rendered ballad
about the life and toils of a farming family. The vocals aren't gutsy and high
lonesome, but they are delivered with convincing emotion in a lower timbre that
works fine for contemporary bluegrass material. Some of Blue Moon Rising's
fans have been comparing Gerrett's voice to Alan Jackson's and Keith Urban's.
"Dusty Roads" presents a great many subtleties with impressive playing and
evocative settings. Justin has crafted a very artistic set of music. Backwoods
bluegrass it's not. It's simply some inspiring tunes from a very impressive talent."
Joe Ross, Bluegrass Music Profiles Magazine