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Robert Bowlin

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About the video

Robert Bowlin performs "Maybelle".

About the artist

Robert Bowlin started at age 1 and a half playing the ukelele, graduated to his
dad's guitar at age 5, and has been creating unique and beautiful guitar music
ever since. He won the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship in Winfield,
KS in 1979 and got 2nd in the Flatpicking Guitar Contest in 1978. His
professional career has included stints with artists such as Maura O' Connell,
Kathy Mattea, Tom T. Hall, the Osborne Brothers, Bill Monroe, Ray Price, Bobby
Bare, Faron Young, Ricky Van Shelton. He was a session guitarist and fiddler in
Nashville for countless recordings. He has played onstage with artists such as
BB King and Ricky Scaggs, Tony Rice, Peter Rowan, and Vassar Clements. He
has performed his original music on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium in

He has a new cd of solo guitar instrumentals entitled "Six String Soliloquy". Here
is what experts have to say:

"This recording is wonderful! It's mostly original instrumentals, a few traditional
tunes and a Stephen Foster medley.Robert has a real gift for melody. You hear
the original tunes and you feel like you've heard them before (but you haven't).
When he plays a standard, like "Whisky Before Breakfast," he really makes it his
own. His solo style doesn't sound like anyone elses. Robert blends Bluegrass,
Jazz and other influences in a way that sounds natural and unforced. I would
describe his phrasing as vocal. Many guitarists sound mechanical. He's just the
opposite, milking every phrase for maximum feeling. And the tone he gets out of
his 1930 Larson is just beautiful. He's not afraid of space and never adds
unecessary notes that get in the way of hearing the melody. There are lots of
guitarists these days who have great technique and can generate excitement
with hot picking. Robert can certainly do the same. But there are few who work
with the full range of emotion that is possible in music. These are medium and
slow paced solos intended to move the listener. Though they'll appeal to any
guitar playing person with an ear, they'll also appeal to others who don't care
what kind of guitar he plays or whether or not he uses a custom made bevelled
pick. Do you have a spouse who's tired of hearing your flatpicking CDs? Get this
one and you'll both enjoy it!This is really one of the finest guitar recordings I've
heard in years. It's only fault is that it's too short. I could listen to Roberts picking
all day." - Dan Mozell

"His playing is really incredible - tasteful,passionate, and unique. He is a virtuoso
flatpicker who is well-versed inmany styles. It's incredible that he's known
primarily as a fiddler, havingbeen Monroe's "last" fiddle player.I recently judged
him in a contest (Uncle Dave Macon Days in Murfreesboro,TN -, and he played an absolutely
jaw-dropping"Waltz for Django" on that old Larson. Tone from now on!" - Boge