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A Million Years In Glory
Carl Story

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About the video  

Carl Story sings "A Million Years In Glory".  Old 78rpm Record Played On
Antique Windup Sonora Record Played.

About the artist

Carl Story - Born May 29, 1916

Frequently billed as the "Father of Bluegrass Gospel Music," Carl Story's
professional career as an entertainer spanned more than six decades, from
1934 until his death March 31, 1995.

One of the earliest with a predominantly gospel repertoire, he played a
significant role in establishing the bluegrass genre, making countless personal
appearances and recording prolifically with his Rambling Mountaineers. His 1958
album, Gospel Quartet Favorites, became the first all-gospel bluegrass
collection on a major record label.  

Of the songs now considered standards, several were first recorded by the
Lenoir, North Carolina native in the late 1940s.  Classic mid-1950s recordings of
signature songs like "Light at the River," "Family Reunion" and "My Lord Keeps a
Record" best exemplify Story's raw-edged "mountain" style of bluegrass with his
distinctive high harmony voice, often in effective falsetto, and his strong, open
rhythm guitar style.

During his legendary career Carl Story frequently did disc jockey work on radio
stations, and he and his band hosted radio and television shows in several
southeastern states, including a ten year affiliation with WNOX's Tennessee
Barn Dance in Knoxville