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An Empty Mansion
Carl Story

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About the artist

Guitarist, fiddler, and vocalist Carl Story became known as "The Father of
Bluegrass Gospel Music" over his decades-long career.

Though less well known than Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, and other bluegrass
pioneers, he was present as the genre took shape and was for many years a
highly influential figure whose band served as a training ground for many
younger musicians.

Story was born to musically inclined parents who played for square dances, and
he learned both the fiddle and guitar when he was young. String band music
snared his attention when he was in his teens, and he was active on radio in
Lynchburg, VA, in the early '30s. Around 1935, Story and teenage banjoist
Johnnie Whisnant moved to Spartanburg, SC, to play in a band called the
Lonesome Mountaineers, which eventually spawned the Rambling Mountaineers.