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I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
The Louvin Brothers

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About the video

Ira and Charlie Louvin perform "I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby".

About the artists

From the close-harmony brother acts of the '30s evolved Charlie and Ira Louvin,
ranking among the top duos in country music history. With Ira's incredibly high,
pure tenor and Charlie's emotional and smooth melody tenor, they learned well
from the Bolick brothers (the Blue Sky Boys), the Monroe Brothers, the Delmore
Brothers, and other major family duos of the previous generation, preserving the
old-time flavor while bringing this genre into the '50s, when country music moved
to a newer sound.

Whatever type of songs they recorded -- gospel, folk, hillbilly, or '50s pop --
those songs became the Louvins'. Add to the list the many Louvin compositions
(for example, "If I Could Only Win Your Love," Emmylou Harris' first hit), and you
have an act that is outstanding in country music history.

From Section (near Sand Mountain), Alabama, the Louvin Brothers were one of
the most popular "brother duets" in country music during the early 1950's.
In 1955, they  joined the Grand Ole Opry. They stopped performing together in
1963 due to changing trends in country music. Ira died in an auto accident on
Father's Day, 1965, while returning from a personal appearance. Charlie
continued to perform on the Grand Ole Opry. He also performed with Charles
Whitstein (of the Whitstein Brothers), recreating the original Louvin Brothers

Many of their songs have become bluegrass standards: "I Don't Believe You've
Met My Baby," "I Wish You Knew," "Ashes of Love" and others.

In 1992, The Louvin Brothers were honored with an IBMA Certificate of Merit for
their lifetime contributions to bluegrass music.