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Windy Mountain

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About the video

Bluegrass music from Longview, with wonderful mountain scenery to match the
song title.

About the artists

Longview is a recording band made up of six members of other bands: Dudley
Connell (Seldom Scene), James King (The James King Band), Joe Mullins, Don
Rigsby (Lonesome River Band/Rock County), Glen Duncan (Rock County) and
Marshall Wilborn (The Lynn Morris Band).

The idea for this band originated at the Denton, NC bluegrass festival in 1994,
when Don Rigsby, Dudley Connell and James King sang together in a group
called "The Rounder All-Stars."  The name comes from the recording studio: The
Long View Farm, in North Brookfield, Mass.

1998, they won IBMA awards for "Recorded Event of the Year" and "Song of the
Year" (for Lonesome Old Home).

The group re-formed in 2008 to record a new CD with original members James
King, Marshall Wilborn and Don Rigsby. New members include Lou Reid, J.D.
Crowe and Ron Stewart