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Lady Madonna

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About the video

Beatlegras performing "Lady Madonna". From the live concert in Dallas at The
Majestic Theatre

About the artists

Bands have been covering Beatles tunes for decades, but none like this talented
trio. Imagine the music of the Fab Four shaken up with infusions of bluegrass
and jazz and topped off with a classical twist. The result: a satisfying musical
cocktail called beatlegras.

“This isn’t your same old Beatles band,” says Dave Walser, founder of the
innovative group. A fan of the classic quartet since he first saw them on the Ed
Sullivan Show, Dave was inspired to create beatlegras after seeing McCartney’s
Back in the U.S. tour in 2002. “I thought it would be fun to get some great
musicians together and play all acoustic versions of Beatles songs. Hooking up
with George and Milo was the best thing that could happen. Each of us adds a
little something different to the mix”.

A longtime Dallas musician, Dave Walser was a music director for numerous
area churches for many years. Today he owns and operates Blue Moon
Recording and Post, where most of the beatlegras CD was recorded.