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Roving Gambler
The Stanley Brothers

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About this video:

The Stanley Brothers band performing "Roving Gambler," some great vocal
harmonies and fine musicianship on this track. From "The Stanley Series Vol. 2
#3 - 1956-08-07

About the artists

The Stanley Brothers
Ralph Stanley - Born February 25, 1927
Carter Stanley - Born August 17, 1925

Two eminent first generation figures in bluegrass music, Carter and Ralph
Stanley were reared on isolated Smith Ridge in southwest Virginia's mountainous
Dickenson County.

They began playing professionally in late 1946 on Bristol radio station WCYB's
daily "Farm and Fun Time" broadcasts. During the ensuing 20 years The
Stanley Brothers and The Clinch Mountain Boys recorded more than 400 titles,
comprising some of the finest authentic American music in existence.

Despite changing times and musical tastes, the Stanleys are the only major early
bluegrass artists to have never compromised the rigidly traditional format in their

The favorite lead singer of many fans, Carter authored endearing classics such
as "The White Dove" and "The Lonesome River." Following his death in 1966,
younger brother Ralph, the composer of timeless songs and instrumentals such
as "Clinch Mountain Backstep," launched a long and successful solo career
faithful to the plaintive, soulful mountain sound that endears

The Stanley Brothers' music to purists throughout the world.