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Return To Dismal Swamp
John McEuen

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About the video

John McEuen - banjo, Sam Bush - mandolin, Roy Huskey, Jr. - bass, David
Hoffner - keyboards, David Grier - guitar, Stuart Duncan - fiddle, Jerry Douglas -

Theme written by John McEuen, Music by John & Bill McEuen, Greg Crutcher
director, Billy Paul Jones producer.  Swamp video supplied courtesy of Mark
Stouffer.  3,000 pieces of art in 3 minutes" supplied by Mason Williams

CMT's music video "Return to Dismal Swamp" has been out of circulation for
many years now, but it's always fun to watch and a great song as well! (at least
the CD is still available and there is excellent banjo instruction of this song
offered online by the Master himself -John McEuen!)

Best known for his long tenure as a key member of the venerable Nitty Gritty Dirt
Band, John "The String Wizard" McEuen was one of the most influential figures
in contemporary American country, bluegrass and even pop music. Credited with
introducing both the banjo and the mandolin to pop, he was a master string
player who developed a devoted fan base on the festival circuit.