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I'd Worship You
Sammy Shelor

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About the video

Sammy Shelor playing with Lonesome River Band- all Sammy, all the time on this
one. Awesome.

About the artist

Legend has it, contemporary bluegrass picker Sammy Shelor was introduced to
the banjo at age four when his grandfather fashioned him a banjo from an old
pressure cooker lid. Soon after, he got a store-bought banjo of his own and he
began to frequent fiddle conventions and contests near his home in
southwestern Virginia. By the age of ten, Shelor was playing in bands, sticking to
traditional Scruggs-style picking at a time when many young banjo players were
experimenting with more progressive melodic and chromatic styles.

At the age of 19, he earned a full-time job with a professional bluegrass band,
the Richmond, VA-based the Heights of Grass, which eventually evolved into the
Virginia Squires featuring Rickie and Ronnie Simpkins in 1983.

After the breakup of the Squires, Shelor joined the Lonesome River Band in
September of 1990. Dan Tyminski and Tim Austin had been playing together for
several years when Shelor and Ronnie Bowman joined, and this quartet began
performing traditional bluegrass music with a decidedly youthful feel.

Throughout the '90s, the lineup of the band fluctuated, with many of the artists
working on each other's solo projects, but Shelor has always remained at the
band's core. ~ Zac Johnson, All Music Guide